Techpally discern Car Tire damage causes and prevention

Detect an impact fracture or bulge

Impact failure is a damage to the structure of the tire and occurs when driving over obstacles. 

A bulge visible from the outside on the sidewall of your car tire is an indication of damaged cords inside the remain of your tire.

Such damage usually occurs when obstacles, such as curbs or speed bumps, are driven over too quickly or at the wrong angle, says chaktty.

This puts too much stress on the carcass, causing individual cord threads to break.

The exact extent of the damage depends on the speed and angle of impact, as well as the size of the obstacle. 

Most of the time, this type of damage can be avoided by driving carefully, unless motorists are unable to avoid the obstacle because it appears in front of them too suddenly.

If such damage is ignored, the risk of a flat tire in the future increases. 

There can either be delamination of the tread and plies or breakdown of the tire sidewall.

According to Techpally, An impact fracture is sometimes confused with a constriction of the sidewall.

However, that is not the same. As we will explain in more detail below, sidewall indentations and indentations are nothing to worry about.

Notice a constriction on the side wall

The sidewall of a car tire is not always perfectly flat. Sometimes there are small indentations and constrictions that need to be examined more closely for their cause.

According to businesspally journal, It is important to remember that constrictions are harmless and do not affect handling or safety. Because these constrictions are only superficial.

To understand a constriction better, imagine you put a string around an inflated balloon and gently pull it together. 

In our example, the balloon is the tire and the string is the embedded carcass threads hidden by the rubber.

The threads give the tire its stability and strength and transmit steering and braking forces when driving.

When the tire is manufactured – or when the carcass is built onto which the steel belt and then the tread strip are later fitted – there is often an overlap or two in the carcass, and how the damage occurs can sometimes be related to the brand of the tires.

And it is precisely this overlap that is sometimes visible and looks like a constriction after the tire has been mounted and inflated.

However, if you are unsure whether it is really just a constriction, you should consult a qualified tire specialist. 

Detect cracks

Cracks are the result of external influences such as poor road conditions, protruding body parts or sharp objects such as stones or broken glass, according to tech pally.

 If you discover a crack in the tire surface, you should visit your tire dealer, who will have your tires checked professionally, chaktty advised.

Punctures in the tyre

A puncture is the result of driving over sharp objects on the road, such as nails, screws or broken glass, penetrating the tire surface. 

Depending on how deep the hole is, the tire could lose air. The result is that the tire pressure drops.

If you find that one or more tires are continuously losing air, or you discover a nail or screw in the tread, contact your tire specialist immediately to have the tires repaired.

Avoid tire damage

Change the position of the wheels regularly (unless your vehicle manufacturer has advised against it).

This ensures even wear. For example, rotate the position of the wheels when changing from summer to winter tires or vice versa.

Regularly rotating the wheels from the driven to the non-driven axle, you can expect the tires to wear out more evenly.

However, you should always consider the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.

If you find yourself in a situation where you must drive over an obstacle, approach the obstacle slowly and at as close a right angle as possible.

Then check your tires for external damage such as cuts, cracks or dents. Also, refrain from driving aggressively on unpaved roads

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